Bouncy cushions

The biggest bouncy cushion in Denmark

Our playgrounds have 4 bouncy cushions and one of them might be Denmark’s biggest

The bigger, the better
A bouncy cushion is good fun for everybody and size matters. Try our big bouncy cushion big enough for 75 persons.

Small is also fun
We have bouncy cushions for the smallest family members.

Safety first
All our playgrounds and bouncy cushion are fenced for the children’s safety.

Time flies when you are having fun. Bouncy cushions for all ages

”Hulens Univers” – The Children Universe

Within the children universe all children can try funny, cozy, creative, challenging and relaxing activities.

Some of the activities are for free while others demand a small user fee.


Be creative and make your own gifts in clay, wood, cardboard, paper or textile. Make for instance your own candlestick, sword, boxes or cars – prices from DKK 5,-

Make your own necklace, bracelet or hairclip. Both for boys and girls – prices from DKK 10,-

Paint on different textiles; T-shirts, pencil cases, caps or bags. We use different techniques, spray bottles and pens – prices from DKK 10,-

Be your own sweet maker – add your own color and taste – and make small, big or lollipop sweets. Children under the age of 12 only allowed under the supervision of a parent. Registration and payment necessary in advance – Price DKK 30,-

Bring the family to a game of Bingo. Many great prices donated from your own shops and from the shops in Løkken – price DKK 10 per game.


Bonfire nights with a free twist bread per person.

Team up with your family and challenge other families staying at the Campsite. The quiz winners get ice cream for the whole family.

We split up in to teams and play a street hockey tournament.

Dancing, singing, fun and competitions. The bar is open and it is possible to buy colorful non-alcoholic drinks and crisps.

Team up and play small tournaments.

Link to activity program

Outdoor water park

– When camping holiday and water goes hand in hand

Løkken Klit Camping & Cottage Village is not your normal campsite! We cannot wait to show you our huge outdoor water park with heated water, water slides, one which ends in a trampoline, wave pool and children’s pool.

The youngest family members spend hours in the children’s pool with water cannons, water fountains and small water slides. The young and wild ones use the waterslides over and over again whilst parents spend time in the sun using the patio furniture.

Guests staying at the Campsite pay a small admission fee.  

– 300 m² heated water park
– 7 meters high Surfing Hill
– Waterslide with trampoline
– Wave pool
– Separate children’s pool
– Patio with sunbeds, tables and chairs

Opening hours
Every day from late May to early September
Weather dependent


Watch 360o virtual tour of the water park. Click here


A beloved friend

”Futte” is the friendly and patient train at Campsite taking both children and parents on a daily tour of the campsite.

“Futte” stops several places at the campsite and children get on and off many times during the day.


- To the moon and back

Probably not – but fun anyway and the best way to get around at the campsite.

You can rent Mooncars from the shop

Cars for you and your friends

Outdoor sports

Great holiday memories from the football pitch

The football pitch is a great place to meet new friends whilst playing a friendly game of football. The pitch is always open and we use it on a regular basis for children’s activities.

We also offer minigolf and even though it is a competitive game everybody can join in and compete against parents or new friends.

Take aim…….. Shoot!!


Safe and super funny playgrounds

Funny and exciting playgrounds are crucial for successful camping holiday and the best place to meet new friends.

Across the campsite we have smaller playgrounds but the two bigger ones both have swings, bouncy cushions, climbing tower, sand boxes, slides and a big fishing boat.

Safety is our main concern and all playground equipment is placed on statutory soft surface and the playgrounds are fenced making it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children.

Playgrounds are the best place to meet new friends.