Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe

Staying at Løkken Klit Camping & Cottage Village requires a valid Camping Key Europe due to our membership of the Danish Camping Board. The Camping Key is priced DKK 110,- and is valid during the calendar year. We issue the Camping Keys and it can all be taken care of during check in.

The Danish Camping Board acts as a link between owner organizations, user organizations and the authorities.

The Danish Camping Board approves, classifies and monitors campsites in Denmark – 447 altogether.

Based on the Camping Board’s classification system, campsites are given a star rating, and the standard of campsites is monitored at least once each year by the Danish Camping Board’s consultants.

This is the Danish Camping Board’s guarantee that the campsites fulfill the requirements associated with the star rating given.



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