Løkken beach

One of the best and widest beaches in Denmark

Indeed a landmark of Løkken is the wide sandy beach which stretches for 10 km. From Løkken city you have direct access and the first sight you see is the characteristic white beach huts.

From Løkken Klit Camping & Cottage Village you have a 10 minutes walk through scenic footpaths. From here you can take a dip in the North Sea or take a stroll while the sun goes down. The possibilities are endless at Løkken Beach.
Løkken, even though it is a small community, still has 7 fishing boats at the beach. They operate the old fashioned way with wires dragging the boats in to the water and when they come back you can see the catch of the day from the pier.

Buy freshly caught fish directly from the fishing boats.

If you want to know when to buy your fish you can visit the fishermen website havfriskfisk.dk or send a text to +45 5338 1000 with the message: havn loekken. You will then receive a text with time and what catch they are bringing in to Løkken Beach. These services are in Danish.

Løkken Beach and the characteristic white beach huts

Børglum abbey

Rubjerg Knude

Løkken city

Hiking and bicycle touring

Restaurant Løkken Badehotel


Family Farm Fun Park

Action House

Fårup Sommerland – Amusement park

The North Sea Oceanarium

Feriecenter Nordsøen